The Tourism Objects In Surabaya

The Tourism Objects In Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the largest cities in the country. In addition to the title of metropolitan city, Surabaya is also known as a city that has many sights are very interesting. Not a few local and foreign tourists who want to holiday in Surabaya and enjoy some of the sights in the amazing Surabaya Indonesia. There are many types of travel such as nature tours, historical tours to educational travel. You can enjoy Surabaya and explore everything in Surabaya. Which one takes your choice?

To travel history, there is a monument pahlawan. As the name implies, this monument is located in Jalan Pahlawan, district. Bubutan, Surabaya, Indonesia. This monument is the pride of the people of Surabaya because this monument reminds many people will struggle Surabaya heroes who died on the battlefield. The monument height is 41.15 meters and its shape is often referred to as “Canalures”.

In addition to the monument of heroes, there is one spot or a place that reminds the tourists will be a major event on November 10, 1945 that is the Jembatan Merah Surabaya. The bridge is made in Surabaya and Malang in memory of a general who was killed that Brig Mallaby after fighting with Dutch troops in this area.

In addition to the red bridge, there is another bridge that you should not miss when in Surabaya, Indonesia, namely the Bridge. This bridge linking Surabaya and Madura. Longest bridge is the result of technological interest for tourists who come to Surabaya especially when night comes, the lights there is lit with a very bright and has become a unique sight for the eye of the beholder. The beauty of the lights will make the traveler’s eyes dazzled.

Nature in Surabaya also not to be missed. One of the attractive tourist in Surabaya is a zoo. KBS or Surabaya Zoo has a collection of animals that are very much from all over the world. It is located at Setail Street. According to records, KBS is the most complete zoo in Southeast Asia. The entry price is very affordable at Rp 15 thousand. With a minimal amount of money, you can settle around the land area of 37 hectares.

Do you want to visit the attractive tourist objects in Surabaya Indonesia?  Visit the Indonesia Travel site.


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