Explore & Tour to Ubud Bali

Explore & Tour to Ubud Bali

Ubud Bali is a tourist area in Bali’s most well-known and has many enthusiasts after Kuta. Various tourist charms presented there ranging from natural attractions, shopping, culinary tours, and a variety of other attractions. The most well-known there are arts and culture even made one of the districts in Gianyar Bali is dubbed as pusan art in Bali. When you explore Ubud Bali, you will also find a variety of hangout that offers a variety of unique and advantage in the menus and atmosphere of the place. Can also hang out while enjoying the natural charm of Ubud. Indeed, in addition to his art, Ubud is also famous for exotic landscapes mainly rice fields that stretch with stunning terracing. Lets tour to Ubud Bali and explore every single thing in Ubud.

There are many places to hang out in Ubud Bali, and if you are a connoisseur of coffee then Ubud also has many coffee places. There Coffee Artists Studio, which is a coffee place that offers a different experience to enjoy a coffee with. With delicious coffee menu combined with an unique interior, as well as clean, quiet, and comfortable will make you feel at home hanging in this one place. More cool, supported by strong wifi. The next coffee places Kopi Kats Ubud, here also offer an unique interior with a thatched roof with a comfortable sitting area. Various options are available for you to enjoy coffee plus other light menu. The third is the Freak Cofee Ubud by steeping the coffee beans from Kintamaninya. Here, you can sit inside or outdoors while breathing fresh air of Bali. Hangout that is also unique to the interior of the place is village, very typical of the countryside. There are still many other coffee places in Ubud for you coffee lovers. Explore Ubud Bali just to find a variety of coffee place.

Bored with just hanging out, you can still enjoy a coffee in a different way to visit Bali in Ubud travel coffee. Agrowisata this one is already quite popular. Here is not just sitting enjoying a coffee only you can do, but can also see the processing of coffee from the beginning. Coffee plantations surround view various types of coffee plants also will be an unforgettable experience. There is also a producer Luwak civet coffee is probably your favorite coffee. After enjoying a coffee in the adventure travel this coffee then don’t  forget to take home a copy for souvenirs. Well, this fun right is not stopping to explore Ubud Bali while enjoying coffee there?

Coffee adventures only one of them will make your trip enjoyable cruising Ubud Bali, especially for coffee lovers. Beyond that there is still plenty of tourist attractions and cultural performances Ubud Bali are waiting for your visit. So let’s travelling to Ubud Bali now. No need to worry about your trip because there is Indonesia Travel ready to take you to Ubud Bali.


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